Feeding the Birds: How to Make Fat Cakes

Feeding the Birds - How to Make Fat Cakes using kitchen scraps - from Play Explore Discover

Feed the birds this winter with some nutritious fat cakes – they need a bit of help, as food is scarce and it is a bit chilly! These fat cakes

Zero to Two: The Book of Play

I’m really excited to introduce Zero to Two: The Book of Play.

Zero to Two: The Book of Play

Written by a group of bloggers (including me!) and expertly brought together by Cathy at Nurturestore, it’s packed full of play-based learning ideas for babies and

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Exploring Art Materials: Oil Pastels

Exploring Art Materials with Preschoolers from Play Explore Discover

It’s a good idea to enable young children to explore materials freely when they are new. For new art materials, like these oil pastels, I often set up a bench or table covered with paper so the children

Quick and Easy Kites for Windy Days

We made these really quick and easy kites for the windy weather we’ve had recently. They take less than two minutes to make and kept the children busy for about an hour, even though it was really cold. Quick and Easy Kites for Windy Days

Simply tie

Autumn Leaf Suncatcher

Autumn Leaf Suncatcher from Two of Everything

We went on a wet and windy welly walk the other day, hunting for Autumn leaves. Autumn is so late this year it was actually quite difficult to find many on the ground – but we found enough

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Lavender Gloop

Lavender Gloop (1)

We were given some lovely dried lavender recently. We used some to make lavender playdough and this week I decided to add some to our gloop.

We’d made some gloop the previous day. We poured lots of cornflour and a

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Bringing Home a Woodland Walk

A Woodland Walk (8)

Here’s a little something for if you’re heading out for a walk this weekend. The weather forecast is looking positively balmy for Sunday, perfect to head out and explore all the changes that Autumn is starting to bring.

We went to explore a

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Exploring the Lifecycle of a Butterfly

Exploring the Lifecycle of a ButterflyThe butterfly lifecycle has become our first big project. From the arrival of our caterpillars, through the full lifecycle and after our butterflies had been set free, it’s been a big feature of M and A’s play and we’ve done

How to Raise Live Butterflies

I’ve raised live butterflies many times before, in my teaching days, and I knew it was something I definitely wanted to do when I had children of my own. This summer seemed a perfect time to introduce them for the first time; both the children have been really interested in minibeasts (so much so that

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Chalks and Water

Sometimes the simplest things can capture children’s interest and lead to extended play and lots of new learning. This was the case recently when I gave M and A some chunky pavement chalks, a bucket of water and some paintbrushes.

They started with just the chalks, but pretty quickly started to use the paintbrushes to

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